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Groaning, she began to moan softly in terrible pain, begging his name. "Orochimaru... make the... pain... go away./...."

((Remember; after the battle, i made it so she was put into a deeeeeeeeeep sleep, and has atleast been passed out for three weeks now. Orochimaru probs thinks she's in a coma and won't come out. Js.))

Orochimaru stroked her hair gently, replying, "I'll do everything I can." He sat there, silently going over all of the powers he's taken over the years, and all of the medicines he and Kabuto had developed, looking for ones that would help.

She rolled over again moaning. Her hand reached up and gripped his tightly, scaredly, almost clinging to her life. "Aaah..." She moaned crying again, tears flowing from her tightly shut eyes.

Thinking quickly, he sent a hollow vine into the ground at his feet, making it come up in a tube-shaped flower beside the nearest of his followers. Another of the flowers sprouted from the vine near Orochimaru's head, and he called into it, using it like a speaker, "Bring some painkillers to my chamber, Kanoe seems to be waking, and she's in agony."

((Just checking, Kabuto was alive at the end of our last talkplay, right?))

((yeah, he was))

((Okay, then Orochimaru's definitely still here. In my canon, at least, Kabuto dies long before Orochimaru's little incident))

She moaned again, opening her eyes slowly, still rather shut; her eyes seem horribly bloodshot, her pupils as small as they can be, her tears stinging her eyes as they water out. "O-oro...." she squeaked, her voice croaky and broken.

Kabuto rushed in, carrying a few different kinds of painkillers. Orochimaru checked them all quickly to make sure they were compatible with each other, then dumped one of each into his hand and said, "I've got some pills here, they'll make the pain more bareable. Can you swallow?"

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