Veneziano Aiello the Norweigan Forest Cat

Veneziano Marco Aiello

Veneziano is an Eighteen year old Norweigan Forest Cat after the heart of Lady Eclair, and rivaling Avoir Envie D' for said lady's heart.


Full Name: Veneziano Marco Aiello

Title: Owner/Official Waiter of the Fettucinni Palace

Job/Occupation: Restaurant Owner/Waiter

Other Names: Marco

Age: Eighteen

Gender: Male

Species: Norweigan Forest Cat

Family: Un-named Father (previous owner of the restuarant), Unamed Mother (lives in Mobian Norway) Romantic Interest: Lady Eclair and any other woman that he comes across during his travels Fur/Muzzle Colour: Varied Hazelnut Brown for all bodily fur, Muzzle a musky powdered brown Eye Colour: Odd eyes- One Blue, one Green. Homeworld: Mobius (Born in Mobian Norway, moved to Mobian Italy)


Veneziano is a varied hazelnut brown cat, with a musky powdered chocolate brown muzzle. He is always in his waiters outfit, unless not at work, then he will be wearing some form of a formal outfit, like a tuxedo or pants and a somewhat formal shirt like a blouse.

His hair is always combed apart; for no reason will it be otheriwse unless he's just had a scuffle with Avoir or someone has messed it up, which he usually avoids letting happen.


Veneziano is a massive flirt; all he does is seek to tend to any woman that comes to his shop, and do so with a warm smile and a gentle hand. Being as kind as he is to all woman, no matter what they look like, his saying is "A man is not worthy of being a man if he is not kind to the presence that gave birth to his kind."

He is a real gentleman; kind to woman of all ages, he will risk his life to help any woman in distress, no matter what the cost (unless it's his restaurant, then he'll probably leave said woman behind to tend to it x3)


Naturally born in Mobian Norway, Veneziano lived with his Norweigan mother and Italian father. When his father and mother divorced and his father was moving back to Mobian Italy, he returned with him to help him with his restaurant he had previously left behind.

After a few years of helping his father run the restaurant and achieving the prime goal of becoming a five star restaurant, his father passed away, having made a star taken away for his passing. Veneziano knew that his father had left the restaurent to him in the will, so he took his father's apron (figure of speech for "position as owner") and agreed to have the place set under his name so his father's legend would live on.

To this day, he has made it his primary goal to achieve that one single star so he can feel the "completion" of his father's happiness.