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Mystique: (jumps out from the river naked due to having been bathing before hand) Hey, King Cob'. i'd prefer if we could get through this without tearing each other's guts out, yeah?

Kaliya: "King Cob"... *chuckles* I'd love to stay here and engage your dog's jabber, but I have homes to raid. *spits at her feet, killing the plant life where his spit lands, and begins to slither off in a self importand manner*

Mystique: (jumps back) Suit yourself, snob. I don't have time to waste for self obsessed pricks anyway. (she dives back into the water with ease, a large recoil splash leaping up and hitting Kaliya as she does so)

Kaliya: *vomits poison into the river, tainting the water, and he continues on*

Mystique: (can no longer swim to the surface, she has to stay below the venom. Running out of air and continuiously swimming down, she starts to gap and gasp under the water's surface)

Kaliya: *chuckles at his handywork*

(Is this godmodding?)

(A little, but i got it covered; remember, Omega's still at the site and he's a Robot; Poison wouldn't particularly affect him or his armour.)

Omega: **MYSTIQUE PRAYERWOLF IN DANGER OF LOSS OF LIFE..** **MUST PROTECT TARGET PARTNER MYSTIQUE PRAYERWOLF..** (he walks into the water, stirring it up slightly whilst doing so.)

Mystique: (starts to sink limply to the bottom)

Omega: (grabs her arm) **FUSING WITH LIFEFORM...** *FUSING..**

Mystique: (begins to scream beneath the water)

(A large flash surrounds the river and Kaliya)

Kaliya: Must be a full moon. *tries to continue on*

(A large torpedo like bullet chops off his tail, a large thud shaking the ground below him)

???: People who try to kill me... don't enjoy their efforts afterwards....

Kaliya: *his tail mends itself, but it looks ugly and disfigured* So, you like to play games, is that it?

Mystique:(cracks her neck glaring at him) Oh, i'll play with you. I will show you a big amount of HARD BALL! (she runs at him with ease, her body seemingly still in tact, only now metallic and slightly more muscled)

Kaliya: *dodges* So this electric furry nymph wants to fight Kaliya of the Underworld... how very droll... well, jackal, I'll play along... *laughs*

Mystique: I'M A SHETLAND SHEEPDOG FUSED WITH A WALKING ARSENAL!! YOU CANNOT DEFEAT ME!! (her voice becomes more demonic as she throws her fist at his chest, lifting her knee up towards his chin quickly after)

Kaliya: *bites down, infusing his venom in there, which has a psychedelic effect to it*


Mystique: You can't bite me whilst i'm in this armour you idiotic fool! (she throws another punch at him, growling loudly in his face)

Kaliya: *smiles* Go ahead, kill me; when I die, I go to the underworld. There I am invincible. So go right ahead. You're just helping me...



Kaliya: You do like to play games...

(Since he is a demon, anything holy can weaken him; Bible, cross, scriptures, etc.)

???: (a large yet graceful walking black and white Panda walks over, looking down at Kaliya) Is this the little guy i need to get rid of?

Mystique: That'd be nice Blitz.

Blitz the Panda, daughter of Feist the Panda, God of the Speccial ZoneEdit

Kaliya: Do what you'd like; I'm not afraid of dying... the minions of the underworld are here for me already

Two phantom demons: *both next to him and waiting for him to die*

Blitz: (leans down, kneeling on hands and knees, looking into Kaliya's face) Hello there~ ^^ it's nice to meet you~


Blitz: ... (starts to sniffle)

Mystique: Oh god... no.. please no...

Blitz: WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHH! MYSTI!!!! WHY'D YOU YELL AT ME?!?!?!? (cries, sobbing into her hands loudly)

Kaliya: *grins a sickening smile* Oh, come now, why did you hurt her feelings?...

Blitz: (moves behind Kaliya crying, leaning down slightly and looking at him) Y-you wouldn't h-hurt me... w-would you mr.cobra?



Mystique: (facepalm. Due to her being in a largely heavy armour, she sends herself flying back) DAMNIT BLITZ!!! (hits a tree)

Kaliya: Oh no, perish the thought; you don't hurt me and I won't hurt you...

Blitz: (hugs him slightly with her hand as she sobs slightly) Thank you... My name's Blitz..

Kaliya: Welcome; I'm Kaliya...

Blitz: *sniff* hi Kaliya...


Blitz: *sniff sniff* can you make her stop yelling at me Kaliya? b-but do it without hurting her..? She is still a friend of mine...

Kaliya: I'll do what I can... Shame on you, Mystique; to hurt Blitz is shame...


Blitz: (steps infront of Kaliya) you're judging him just like you did my daddy! He has a chance to change! And you're not letting him! (she leans over, picking him gently up in her hands) i won't let you touch him!

Kaliya: Thank you, Blitz; at least YOU have decency and mercy...

(This going to be a plot where he corrupts her? Just need to know where to go)

(Nah, right now she's just sorta more guilable than corrupt; she thinks everyone has the chance to change, sadly enough, she learnt that off her crush, Tails... So kinda sorta leading back to this event, her not killing him when she had the chance, his fault. Entirely. Anyway, as of current, she is only searching for the good in him, if there is any at all. I highly, Highly, doubt there is.)

(Ah. Oh, and your move.)

Blitz: of course i do; everyone can change, my hero even told me so. (she smiles, nuzzling his cheek, nearly forcing him off her hands in the process) oops! S-sorry Kaliya! I'm so clumsy... you trying being this size and handling people several hundred times smaller than you... (she chuckles idly)

Kaliya: I can actually make myself bigger.

Blitz: R-really? H-how much bigger?


Blitz: (she cries again, stamping her foot on the ground) Shut up Mystique! I wasn't talking to you!

Kaliya: *makes himself half Blitz's size*

Blitz: (hugs him) yay!

Kaliya: Glad I could be of service...

Blitz: (smiles widely)

Mystique: GODDAMIT BLITZ! GOD BLOODY DAMMIT! (she gets up, shooting at Kaliya)

Blitz: (steps in front, smacking the bullets away) No! Bad Mystique! (she flicks her back with her finger)

Mystique: (flies back again) FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU- (hits tree)


Kaliya: All because I threw up in a river...

Mystique: YOU TRIED TO KILL ME!!!!


Kaliya: I'm not responsible for what comes up in my vomit..


Blitz: (looks at Kaliya) You're.... You're an enemy of G.U.N?

Kaliya: I do not know who they are...

(And that actually is the truth)

Blitz: They're my boss...

Mystique: And the people who protect this world from villians like you.

Kaliya: I see... and I also see that G.U.N is unforgiving and unwilling to give a second chance...

Blitz: i am the only one in G.U.N who tries to...

Mystique: Don't listen to him Blitz, he's evil!

Blitz: How would you know? You haven't even been with him! (she runs of crying)

Kaliya: You should be ashamed of yourself... *follows Blitz*

Blitz: (crying on a hill, is a smaller size now) *sniff sniff*

(he seems to have a bit of a heart...)

(He kind of does, but not a whole lot; he has a vendetta against Mystique)

(That;s blantly clear; Even her Sister wants to kill him...)


(Yeah she's got a sister, long story. You're turn.)

Kaliya: *comes up to her*

Blitz: (rubs her eyes snifling)

Kaliya: That Mystique doesn't like me very much.

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Mystique: (smahses through the wall) WELL NO SHIT -shotdead-

(lol back to story)

Blitz: i know.... You're nice though... *sniff* *sniff*

Kaliya: I'm glad you think so...

Blitz: You are... (she gets up, walks over and hugs him even though he's like sixty times bigger than her.)

Kaliya: *smiles*

Blitz: (smiles, her fluffy tail wagging a bit)



Kaliya: *his disfigured tail begins mending itself in full*

Blitz: (walk around him, picking up his tail and placing it in her lap, she begins to rub it softly, soothingly as she hums a lightly) Feel any better Kaliya?

Kaliya: I feel a bit better.

Blitz: That's good... (she continues to rub it gently as she sings to him soothingly, almost mesmerisingly.)

Kaliya: *closes his hood*

Blitz: You have a very handsome snake mane thingy... it's pretty... (she starts to rub more slowly, making a purring noise)

Kaliya: We the Naga-log (Snake People) call them hoods...

Blitz: hood... you mean like a jacket? (she giggles a bit, hugging his tail to her cheek) your scales are soft... they feel nice...

Kaliya: *grins*

Blitz: I don't have any special things... apart from my black and white fur... oh, i also have sharp claws! (she flicks her hands back and large, long razor sharp sword like claws slide quickly out. She smiles up at him)

Kaliya: So I see...

(What he looks like: [1] and what the marking on his hood looks like: [2])


Blitz: (puts his tail down and runs over to the tree she was previously sitting by; begins carving something into the tree)

(oh god... such a little kid... she's fifteen, acts a bit like a ten year old...)

Kaliya: *looks down at it*

Blitz: (finishes. The carving reads;)

"Blitz and Kaliya, friends forever"

 Blitz: (looks down blushing a little

Kaliya: *grins, it's not sickly or snide-looking; it's a real grin*

Blitz: I like you Kaliya; you're nice and you're the first person who's not afraid of my size...

Kaliya: I'm not really afraid of anything...

Blitz: (she hugs his tail again, yawning a little) you're nice Kaliya....nice..... (she slumply falls asleep hugging his tail, nuzzling it every now and again.)

Kaliya: *lays his head down*

After a content nights' sleep...Edit

Blitz: (wakes still hugging his tail) *yawn* morning Kaliya...

Kaliya: Good morning...

Blitz: (smiles) Sleep well? i didn't hug you too tight did i?

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Kaliya: You did okay...

(GTG Now)

Blitz: (smiles weakly blushing) So....

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(WeBa, and it's okay; I left myself)

Kaliya: Yes?...

Blitz: (moves closer to him, hugging his torso) I'm a bit hungry... (she looks up at him)



Kaliya: I'll find us some food.

(Cobra/Panda Shipping FTW *shot*)

(LOL! I SHIP IT TOO! -shot repeatedly-)

Blitz: (sits smiling, tail wagging) okay~!

Kaliya: What do you eat?

Blitz: I like berries and fruit~

Kaliya: That's easy. I'll go get some. *goes off to the area of the forest with the most fruit*

Blitz: (lays down yawning a little)

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(Does it work?)

Kaliya: *returns with armfuls of fruits*

(No.. goddamit it's annoying me... - -***)

Blitz: (in a small sleep, her chest going up and down as she breaths)

Kaliya: Blitz, I'm back.


Blitz: (looks up at him yawning again. She looks at the fruit, rushing over)

Kaliya: Whoa!

Blitz: (had cut up all the fruit, it is now dribbling juices and pieces in her lap. She eats ladily, picking them up on the ends of her knife fingers)

Kaliya: I'll wait for you to finish; I eat meat, so I'll hunt after you're done.

Blitz: (moves next to him, nuzzling him as she eats slightly)

Kaliya: *smiles as best he can*

Blitz: You face looks funny... You alright Kaliya? (she rubs her hand along his cheek, tilting her head to the right)

Kaliya: I'm okay; since I was born in the underworld, the only times I've ever smiled were when I had a victory. This is my first time smiling from just happiness.

Blitz: i... i make you happy? (she looks him in the eyes)

Kaliya: Yes; you're the only one who has ever willingly shown me any kindness...

Blitz: That's because you have the chance to change; i know you're a good guy Kaliya... (she hugs him, nuzzling his cheek) you have the chance to change...

Kaliya: You think so?... *the menacing look in his eyes softens*

Blitz: Of course i think so. You're not hurting me are you? You're not trying to kill me or hunt me down even though i'm suppposed to be your enemy, and you're not trying to take advantage of my powers.. You've changed a fraction in the time i've spent with you, and that was the first step you needed to take.... You have the chance to change, and you've already stepped onto the path of changing...(she holds out her hand)

Kaliya: *holds out his, the claws in his hand sheath themselves*

Blitz: (she takes his hand gently, moving closer to him, hugging him softly) I only help people who want to help themselves... And i know you want to do just that Kaliya... and i won't let you fall... i will always be there to grab your hand and pull you back up... Always...

Kaliya: Oh... thank you... *the vegetation surrounding him springs back up as if he were never filled with poison and he smiles again, this time it's genuine*

Blitz: (smiles back.)

Falling to pieces....Edit

(Somewhere in the distance....)
David Guetta - She Wolf (Falling To Pieces) ft

David Guetta - She Wolf (Falling To Pieces) ft. Sia

Falling to pieces....

(Got the perfect song for this scene.... imma put it on this page...)

Snipes: I'm sorry Blitz... (she holds her sniper riffle up, aiming it at Blitz. She shoots)

Blitz: (stumbles back, hitting the tree with her back, falling to the ground. A large bullet hole lays in her shoulder, blood trickling down her shoulder as she shakes, mouth gaping)

Kaliya: Blitz?... *in shock, a tear falls down from his face*

Blitz: (starts to shake uncontrolably, crying a little) K-kaliya.... (she holds out a shaky hand, her tears streaming down her cheeks)

Kaliya: *holds her hand*

Blitz: (grips it weakly, still shaking. She holds his hand to her cheek, the blood that had previously splattered from her shoulder spreading across his palm)

Esmose: (walks over) You couldn't just leave her, could you Kaliya? Now we had to kill her too. Well done.

Mystique: We didn't have to kill Blitz!

Snipes: (shaking in fear, she drops her gun crying)

Kaliya: And you call me evil... there is no greater evil than this; treachery and murder combined... *picks up Blitz*

Blitz: (shaking in his arms, she cuddles up to him, her skin is now quickly getting cold, her shakes less powered, her eyes start to lower)

Esmose: She betrayed us by crossing sides with you. (pulls out her hand knife) I'm going to finish you Both off, right here, right now.

Mystique:(steps infront of Kaliya and Blitz. She growls sharply at the dark blue wolf infront of her) Back. Off. (she glares back at Kaliya) Get her to safety, or for gods sake, i will personally kill you. We are now on the same side. Do not fail me. Omega!

Omega: (walks over to Mystique) **TARGET PARTNER MYSTIQUE PRAYERWOLF...** **FUSING....**

Mystique: (transforms into Mecha Myst.)

Mecha Myst: **Let's go Esmose.**

Esmose: (growls, barring her teeth at Mystique)

Kaliya: *slithers off with Blitz*

(He's changing)


Esmose: (runs at Mystique, slashing her blade at her breast plate)

Mecha Myst: (grabs the blade, snapping it in half in her palm. She grabs Esmose by the wrist, enraged and infuriated. she thrusts her easily into a nearby tree screaming)

Esmose: (flies into the tree with a big *CRACK!*, falling to the ground. She limply gets up onto one elbow)

Mecha Myst: (walks over to her, grabbing her by the hair) **Get out of here. I don't want to see you again until you've made up for your mistake here today...**

Esmose: (gets up and limps off rather proudly, yet the fear and cowardice is obviously shown as she glimpses back to ensure Mystique isn't still after her.)

(With Blitz and Kaliya)

Blitz: (begins to stop shaking, breathing shallowly)

Kaliya: *begins to treat her wound* Blitz, this may hurt for a moment... *plucks the bullet out, and begins applying medicinal herbs to her wound*

Blitz: (stops shaking, starts to breath fairly slowly, her eyelids shaking open and shut as she tries to gain her sight on him) K-k-kaliya..

Kaliya: *starting to give her a medicine that will strengthen her life force* Yes?...

Blitz: (she takes his hand, kissing it) you saved me.... (she continues kissing it, nuzzling it softly and weakly)

Kaliya: Well, you saved me; you gave me a chance to save myself and you protected me from being killed... you showed me kindess like nobody ever had...

(-Gets out two small dolls that look like Kaylia and Blitz-)

( -in a corny voice- Blitz Doll: Oh i loooooooove you Kaliya)

(Kaliya Doll: I love you too Blitz)

(-makes the dolls kiss)

(mwa mwa mwa mwa mwa -shot repeatedly)

Blitz: oh Kaliya.... i...

Kaliya: *cries a little* Yes?...

(You're not very talky are you? o.-?)

Blitz: i think.. i....

(Eh, sometimes I'm talkative, sometimes I'm not; that's how I am anymore...)

Kaliya: Say it, Blitz...

(But i did a funny bit... ;-;)

Blitz: (blushing, closing her eyes and whispering) i think i love you...

(I did chuckle, but I'm sorry I didn't put it up)

(it's alright)

Kaliya: Well, I feel that I myself am falling for you...

Blitz: I didn't expect you to... (she looks up at him, her blush leaving as she smiles up at him weakly,placing a hand on his cheek, nuzzling his neck)

(btw, Esmose is Sweetie, Darkstorms wife, transformed into a dark blue wolf after they divorced, she lost her memory in a mental insituation, then remarried him)


Kaliya: *eyes getting foggy*

Blitz: Are you alright Kaliya? You face looks funny again...

Kaliya: I'm just... so happy... *tears stream steadily down his face*

Blitz: (kisses his cheek, his tears running along her lips)

Kaliya: *his coils lose their sheen and become dull looking and more very dark bluish before reverting back*

(This doesn't tie into the TP at all, but I'm weaving a bag. THE MOAR U KNOW)


Blitz: (her fur prickles up a bit as she reaches for his lips blushing)

Kaliya: *leans towards her*

(Weaving a yarn bag on a small loom made of cardboard and twine. BRB Shower, make your move)

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Blitz: (closes her eyes blushing as she kisses him)

(Lily, I actually have to go since my dad will get angry if I'm on too late, and if I explain to him that I'm talking to you, I'll get my computer taken away. Sorry.)

Kaliya: *the poison in his mouth regresses away, making it safe for him to kiss her back*

Blitz: (kisses him blushing, placing her hands on the sides of his head)

Kaliya: *wraps his arms around her as she does*

(Sorry about that ^^;)

Blitz: (stops blushing, kissing him more passionately, she moans slightly)

Kaliya: *a little alarmed*

Blitz: (moves closer to him to reassure him)

Kaliya: *wraps his tail around her slowly*

Blitz: (blushes again, letting go of the kiss slowly) K-kaliya...

Kaliya: Yes?

Blitz: (blushes, looking at him, she nuzzles his neck)

Kaliya: *his red eyes seem to glitter a little*

Blitz: mm.....

(You wanna see a picture of Blitz? Kaliya? Needle?)


Kaliya: *the dark bluish color flashes again on his scales*



(Oh, I see)

A new beginning...Edit

Blitz: (sighs happily)

Kaliya: *smiles*

(sorry, i had to read out a play in english <>;;)

Blitz: So.. what now Kaliya? (she looks at him rather questioningly)


Kaliya: I don't know... but I do know one thing... *the bluish tinge returns once more*

Blitz: ! (shocked) Kaliya! You're skin! it's changing colour! Are you sick?!

Kaliya: No... the time has come for me to shed the skin of my old life... *gets in between two rocks and begins rubbing up against them, his black scales start to come off as dark grey*

Blitz: You're very handsome now Kaliya, less mysterious, more welcoming, but very handsome...

Kaliya: *has shed his skin, now has deep dark blue and light blue scales, a lighter tongue, and lighter eyes* Thank you... [3]

???: This is all well and sweet, but i'm afraid Domino Blitz, we must kill you..

Blitz: ! N-no one knows my f-full name!

Kaliya: Who goes there?!?! *coils once around Blitz*

???: (a big black figure walks out, looking down at them) Hand her over at once.

Blitz: (looks up) p-papa?!

???: Domino, silence. You know better than to speak to me that way.

Kaliya: Oh... Feist of the Zone of Silence, I presume...

Feist: (nods) What are you doing to my daughter?

Blitz: Papa i..

Feist: Silence.

Blitz: (goes silent) ...

Kaliya: Your daughter saved me from death, and so I in turn saved her... she loves me and I love her back...

Feist: My daughter loves me and me alone. No one else.

Blitz: (mutters something)

Feist. What.

Blitz: (quietly) i don't love you papa....

Kaliya: ...

(GTG Now. You can make the last move for the night and we'll resume tomorrow)


Feist: (growls) What. Did you say.

Blitz: (clenches her fist growing in size a little) I said i don't love you anymore!

Feist: (steps back in slight shock)

Kaliya: *spreads his hood*

Feist: (grumbles, steps back before entering the portal he came in, leaving them with the words) You can't always protect her, Cobra. One day, one moment when you slip up and are not there beside her, is all i need to take her back. Without you, she is weak... and that weakness, will be her end...

Kaliya: We shall see... I'm not going to leave her... *squeezes his hand, drawing blood* Count on it...

(He has now taken a blood oath)

Blitz: (lowers to his size, grips his bleeding hand, kissing it, blood staining her white fur) Kaliya... you're bleeding... did my father get you?...

Kaliya: *smiles* No... I've taken an oath to protect you as long as I shall live...

Blitz: Oh Kaliya.... (she kisses his cheek, staining it slightly with blood)

(Else where)

Lust: (yawns, sitting up. She looks at Brahm with a smile, before flying out to their bathroom. She begins to put her make up on, before she gasps loudly, falling to the ground in shock)

Brahm: *wakes with a start* Lust! *comes to her* What is it?! Are you injured? Are you sick?! Are our children okay?!

(*cracks up laughing, falling to the ground pointing at Brahm, breaking the fourth wall* OH MY DEAR LORD RA!!! AHAHAHAHAHA!!!! I SWORE HE NEARLY SHIT HIS PANTS!!!! AHAHAHAHA -is shot rather hard by Brahm-)

Lust: (moans, sitting up with a small smile, her head bleeding, the edge of the sink broken slightly) i just slipped and hit the sink dear... i-i'm fine... slightly drowsy... but f-fine... (she runs her fingers in the blood dribbling down the side of her head with a moan)

Brahm: *treats her wounds*

Lust: (hugs him weakly) Brahm dear... i feel weak.. take me back to bed.. please.... (she moans, closing her eyes)

Brahm: *picks her up and takes her back to bed*

Lust: (moans as he lays her down) Brahm... i heard Tadder crying... can you go bring him in her for me darling? (she rubs his cheek with a small smile) i'll be fine... Don't worry dear... i'll be alright...

Brahm: Okay... *rushes out, gets Tadder, and brings him back*

Lust: (takes Tad in her arms, nuzzling him. She looks at Brahm) Darling, you're acting as though i'm on edge and about to die. Go take a breather darling; I heard that one of the Naga's recently switched sides, why don't you go and find out? (she rubs his cheek kissing his lips) i'll look after the children dear, you do too much of that on your own since they're mostly all boys.

Brahm: Okay Lust... *goes outside for a rest*

Blitz: (chasing Kaliya's tail giggling, she catches it in her hands, nomming on it as she growls happily)

Kaliya: *laughing* I'm being abducted...

Blitz: (giggles, rolling around tugging on his tail, kissing and nibbling it)

Kaliya: *pulled down, laughing*

Blitz: (sits up, hearing something) Someone's here.. (she flicks her claws out growling as she's sitting in Kaliya's lap protectively)

Kaliya: What do you sense?...

Blitz: (she tilts her head up, sniffing the air. She looks at him dumbfoundedly) It smells exactly like you... only sweeter... (she slides her claws back, no longer worried)

(Blitz can smell people in certain scents; Sweeter scents are obviously kinder kindred souls that are good, sour or bitter are evil souls who only want harm, but certain people, like Rin ((check my other Roleplay with Sniper for info)) have no smell at all since they are either lost or have no side.)


Kaliya: Oh...

('Tis Brahm)

Blitz: I didn't know you had a brother~ (she gets up running over, jumping on him from behind giggling)

(oh god.. she's so blonde... Brahm's probs gonna bite her or something oh dear...

Brahm: *yells out and jumps away, flicking Blitz towards Kaliya who catches her*

Kaliya: I don't have a brother...

(Certain smells can confuse her, as seen in the scene before; species of the certain same scent can either seem like family or partners. In certain instances, she can also depict the size and sex of the person emitting the certain smell, as people of larger builds emit larger scents, and smaller statures emit smaller scents. Males put off a louder, more vibrant scent than females, where as all females have small, soft and petite smells unless they are more masculaine than feminine, which can also confuse her.)


Brahm: *from the bushes* Who jumped me?!?!

Blitz: I'm sorry, i thought you were Kaliya's brother~ ^^;; you both smell the same so.. i sorta mistaked the two of you for brothers...

Brahm: Well, please be more careful next time; I thought I was under attack... *sticks head out of bushes as he talks and then pulls back in*

Blitz: (crawls over, poking her head through the bushes) I'm Blitz; it's nice to meet you Mr.Cobra~ You smelt like my friend Kaliya (she tilts her head with a smile)

Brahm: Nice to meet you, too... *goes towards his home*

Blitz: W-wait... (sits back) nevermind... Kaliya, do you think you changing sides is going to cause problems with the naga snake peoples?

Kaliya: It might... some of them may have a hard time trusting me...

Blitz: did you know that one? (she points back towards the leaving Brahm)

Kaliya: Kind of...

Blitz: Friend or enemy? (she walks over and kisses him)

Kaliya: My dad had a bad history with his family...

How much will things change...Edit

Lust: (in the kitchen, cutting up a rather large deer and dividing it between the older males as she breast feeds the two youngest children, the others running around her feet sucking on bottles)

Brahm: *enters through the door* Hey, honey.

Lust: (kisses him as she places the youngest children down, mixing some cake batter) Everything alright dear? you seem distraught...

Brahm: Yeah... I feel like when I'm not here, I'm not being a good husband...

Lust: (rubs his cheek) darling, it's fine; when you're out, you're either going to cool down or gather us food, so either way you're always providing for you family dear.

Brahm: Thank you, Lust... *smiles* It's just fear...

Lust: (places Tad in his High Chair) Fear of what darling?

Brahm: That you'll leave me... *sad look in his eyes*

Lust: (looks at him sadly) Brahm.. darling.. you're my husband... (she kisses his cheek) i love you... and i will never leave you.. We have twenty children; i can't leave you.

Brahm: *kisses her forehead* Oh, Lust...

Lust: (nuzzles him crying) Brahm.... (she cries in his arms as the kids look on sadly)

Brahm: *holds her in his arms* Don't worry, my children; Mommy and Daddy are just having some emotional time...

Lust: (crying in his arms she moans sadly, nuzzling his neck as she cries)

Brahm: There, there, Lust... *a little tear streams down his face*

Lust: (slowly begins to stop crying, sobbing softly against his chest) i want to go to bed now... i'm no longer wanting to spend the day with my family.... (she clambers out of his arms, walking shakily upstairs, slipping several times)

Brahm: *behind her, worried about her*

Lust: (lays in bed weakly, sighing as she hugs the sheets close to her body crying slightly)

Brahm: *lays down on the floor, thinking* (What have I done?... Oh God, what have I done?...)

(What upset her? Is she feeling insecure?)

(She feels as though he doesn't love her anymore because he showed slight loss of trust before...)

Lust: (slowly falls asleep as she cries, folding her wings up on her back)

(Ah. Well, you may know this already, but he does trust her; he just feels inadequate)

Brahm: *worried, cries a little himself*

(What was the name of their daughter? i forget... i think it was on your talk page on Jinty..)

(I couldn't find it.)

Brahm: *thinking* (Oh father... if you were here, you'd know what to do...)

(^ Snake midlife crisis-*shot*)

(Brahm's midlife crisis would be him wearing some kind of a wig, in a mercedes with Uni girls, music pumping out like crazy -shotdead-

I'll just rename her)

Kala: (walks in, looking at her father on the floor, she walks over to him, pushing gently on his side, she whispers in a harshly upset tone) are you and mommy fighting... are we going to have to divide the family.... like older brother says...

Brahm: I'm not sure, Kala... oh please, child, forgive me... *he looks very sullen*

Kala: (starts to cry)

Brahm: *reaches out to hold her*

Lust:(her ear flicks up as she hears Kala crying. She immediately dashes out, holding her close as she moves close to Brahm) Kala... things aren't going to change.... We're just all stressed... Me, your father, your brothers aswell... We're all struggling to pull along, and we're going to keep pulling, no matter how hard it is.. no matter how much it hurts... we're not going to let go.. (she kisses her forehead) We're stronger than that Kala... We're a strong family... and you... you're stronger than all of your brothers combined... because you're our strong little girl... isn't that right darling? (she looks at Brahm as the males sit at the door looking in)

Brahm: Yes... we'll all get through this... *gets up, looking more confident, his hood spreads majestically*

Lust: (kisses Brahm, holding Kala up, nuzzling her cheek)

Brahm: *looks very proud of his family*

Lust: Oh Brahm my love... you look as strong as the day i laid eyes on you... just as handsome as well... Not a day over nineteen... (she blushes, smiling as she blows him a kiss) 

Brahm: *catches it, accidentally loses his balance but regains it as quickly as he lost it, making him flail a bit*

Lust: (giggles) Oh Brahm... (she kisses Kala)

Kala: (giggles too) Daddy looked like a fishy~!

Brahm: *chuckles* Oh, that reminds me; would you children like to see your old dad catch a huge fish?

(Brahm and his brothers are all actually a little over 1000 years old, but they are all physically and mentally young because they were in hibernation for a thousand years)

(*nods* Lust knows, but the children don't)

Kala: i do i do!! (she jumps up and down)

Brahm: Well, let's go to the lake behind our home and I'll show you.

Kala: (flies out screeching happily)

Lust: (walks over to Brahm, sitting on his coils with a seductive smile) This is it Brahm... this is what we wanted... we have everything we planned... A large, happy family... A well off home... (she crawsl up, putting her arms around his neck, kissing his cheek slowly) a wonderful, highly attractively handsome spouse... (she licks his cheek fluttering her eyelashes with another small smile)

Brahm: *laughs huskily, he kisses her on the lips* Yes, my love...

Lust: (flies off, the children following)

Brahm: *follows*

Out by the LakeEdit

Lust: (holding Tadder and Kala in her arms) Go on darling, you show them how you feed your family, you strong sexy naga (she blows him another kiss)

Brahm: *catches it, causing him to fall in*

(They all giggle, smiling and laughing about as they watch him)

Lust: Not so agile anymore, are you Brahm dear? (she chuckles, leaning down and offering him a hand) wouldn't expect you to be, considering you get a good feed every night.

Brahm: *chuckles a little, gives her his hand and gets up* Now watch your old dad...

(The older males watch intently, waiting for their hero to win another fight, whilst the little ones run around, tackling and playing with each other)

Brahm: *lowers his hood to the water, lays it flat, scanning the water*

(One of my other pics, that took me a while to make: [4])

(cool, one problem... could you make the pic a link? i sorta kinda cant write under it ><;;)

(Done. Sorry bout that ^^;)

(it's fine; you're getting really good Needle. That one was fantastice; the poses were a little off, but the backgrounds and the basic stature were amazing!)

(Fantastice? wtf? lolno *fantastic)

(XD Thank you. And here's another that I made for Becca: [5])

(e.e eeeeeew~ they're kiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiissing~ -shotdead-)

(XD I has fried chicken; THE MOAR U KNOW)


(Ciel: (is a griffin, vanishes))

(-shot several times-)

(XDDDD P.S. Your move)

Lust: (sits watching, her right leg crossed over the other as she bounces Kala and Tadder in her lap, the two giggling)

Brahm: *sees one, pulls back his head, and strikes, flinging his entire body out and back into the water*

Lust: (leans her head inbetween Kala and Tadder, pointing at Brahm, whispering) there he goes...

(this reminds me, the other day, i caught my own dinner~ i went out fishing with my dad and i caught a fishy~! :D and i ated it~)

(Oooh :3)

Brahm: *makes only a few subtle waves on the river until he comes up, fighting an enormous carp*

(*sigh* Oh Eric... i can't hide my depression from you forever... i never want to hurt you... and if i pretend i'm not hurting, it will hurt you in the long run... same way it always does me...)

Lust: (chuckles) is it putting up a fight Brahm dear? Losing the spice in your venom?

Brahm: Doing... just... fine-*plunges back down under*

(You did hurt me once, but you are making improvements, and as you are, I am recovering, and I am beginning to forgive you.)

(i never wanted to hurt you Eric... i loved you... i still do somewhere deep inside.. and i regret everything i ever did to you and everyone else, even Ecruos. *sits down rubbing my head* i just... i don't feel like i'm improving relationship wise... my boyfriend, current and only one, seems to be ignoring me.. he hasn't answered my texts, emails or messages on his message wall... i feel so lost...)

Lust: (chuckles) if you say so dear~ tell me if you need any help~

(Oh... :( Well, I don't really want to get involved in that; if there's one thing I know, it's that nosing around in somebody's personal business gets you nowhere, so I try not to.)

(I'm not asking you to nose Eric... i'm asking for emotional support... i hate being alone and you know it...)

(I see. Well, I'll support you. :) )

Brahm: *after a while he comes up, with the carp in his jaws*

(*shakes head* you can't support me... not the way i want to be supported... *looks down*)

Lust: (claps smiling) Quick Tadder! Get daddy the net!

Tadder: (tumbles out of her lap, dashing off and getting the fish net for him, holding it closely in his arms)

(What do you mean?)

Brahm: *puts it in the net*

(nothing.. i just feel so left out... and horrible... god, i suppose i had this coming... i don't know what he's doing or whether or not he's being as faithful as he says he will be...)

(Oh... I see... you're worrying about him like how I once did about you)

(Eric... i don't know... i am but i'm not and more so worried about myself... i'm the kind of girl who needs a man that is always there for me and is always able to talk to me... but i haven't talked to him in a week...)


Tadder: (holds onto the net with his father) i caught a fishy! i caught a fishy!

Lust: (flies over) yes you did Tadder darling.. (she lifts him up) and i bet this fishy ways the same as you and your older brother.

Brahm: I'll definitely say this; this carp put up some fight.

Lust: (smiles) i put the fire on, you scale him darling.. (she soon flies over to the fire pit and begins to make a fire)

Brahm: *de-scales it with a knife made of a big naga's tooth*

Lust: (sitting at the fire as she pokes it, keeping it alive)

Brahm: *rips the bones out by reaching inside and yanking them out, brings the fish over*

Lust: (places a large rock on the fire) Lay the fish down dear..

Brahm: *places the fish down*

(The design update of Volpa that I mentioned long ago: [6] )

(wasnt Volpa and Procio based off us? (looks down sadly, shedding a tear))

(*looks down myself* Yes... they were... and now I can always keep them as mementos of the hugest turning point of my life and also of what love felt like.)

(Eric i will always love you.. and you will always have that.... No matter what, no matter how you feel it, receive it or want it... it will always be there... *looks away*)

(I thank you for your words of kindness and support. I share the same sentiment... Also, I even picked out a theme song for Volpa: I don't know if you'll like it or not or if you can get to it...)

(I always will Eric... *takes your hand* that's a promise...)

(Promise... also, did you hear it? Sorry if I sound inconsiderate..)

(I'll download it now. *nuzzles your hand*)

(Thank you.)

(*hugs you*)

(*hugs back*)

Lust: (cooks the fish, looking at Brahm with a content smile)

Brahm: *smiles back and his gold eyes glint in the sunlight, has spices for the fish*

Lust: go ahead dear...

Brahm: *applies them*

Lust: (flips the fish, rubbing the spices in)

Brahm: Looks delicious.

Lust: of course it is; you caught it.

Brahm: *smiles*

Lust: (smiles back, sighing happily)

Brahm: Is it ready?

(BRB Shower)

(kk *nuzzles you before you go* i know you have to sleep soon... that you'll have to leave soon..)

(Back, and in time for one last turn)

(I hate it when you leave....)

(Sorry... and I hate to say it, but now is the time for me to go. Goodnight, Lily.)

(Sleep Well.. Eric...)

(Back, but I don't think I'll be back for long.)

(needle? you there?)

(I don't think for long; my mom wants me to go to church)

(then we'll tp until you have to go; i'm not going to stop you from doing more in real life important things Eric)

Lust: Almost dear...

Brahm: *licks his lips*

Lust: (flips the fish again, holding her hand out) Plates.

Brahm: *hands her the plates*

Lust: With a quick slice of her meat cleaver, the fish is cut up into several bits. She wraps the fish up in seaweed rolls with rice, placing ten pieces on her plate. She leaves the rest of the fish on its own, placing long strips of it on everyones plate, then dishing it out) Here you go; sushi for me, normal honey mustard sauced strips for everyone else.

Brahm: *eats his share of the dinner, leaving plenty for the kids*

Lust: (finishes hers, dishing out more to the children as she walks over and sits on Brahm's coils)

Brahm: *smiles*

(Back from church; sorry for not saying BBL ^^;)

(It's fine)

After DinnerEdit

Lust: Brahm darling, training time with the boys; i'll watch with the little ones. (she flies out holding Tadder, Kala and the other three younger males)

Brahm: Oh yes... now, my sons... first thing; do you all know how to spread your hoods? *spreads his*

Lust: (smirks) much like how i spread my wings. (she giggles as she unfolds her wings)

Tadder: (grips his mother's wing, struggling cutely to unfold his own in a following attempt to do as his mother)

Kala: (unfolds her wings quickly, flapping them, trying to fly up, she stumbles back down into her mother's lap with a small thud) Oof. o.o

Lust: (laughs slightly)

(The males, in time, all follow their father and spread their hoods, ranging in sizes, colours and symbols)

Brahm: Excellent... now show me those pearly white fangs of yours... *opens his mouth, showing his two large fangs*

Lust: (chuckles) We have too much in common Brahm darling.. (she opens her mouth, barring her large vampire teeth, glinting in the moonlight.)

Tadder: (opens his mouth, revealing his small nub teeth, he starts to nom on his wing)

Kala: (starts to bite at the air)

(the males slowly open their mouths, barring their teeth out at him; Hisnaa's fangs drip heavily with black venom)

Brahm: Good... now, you've seen your father attack many a deer once before; I'll give you all something very basic and flush out some wild pigs for you to try and kill; don't worry, as the ones living around here are very cowardly. Excuse me a moment. *goes into the shrubbery*

Lust: Brahm darling.. What about the Vampire Bat males dear? Should i teach them? (she looks out for him dumbfoundedly)

Back with Kaliya and Blitz (only just remembered about those two ^^;;;)Edit

Blitz: (flies back, screeching slightly, Kaliya seemingly no where in sight)

Feist: (grabs her by the wrist) Let's go. Now.


Feist: He isn't here... he's out hunting.. and you stupidly wandered off... (he grins his sharp teeth at her as she cries out for Kaliya)

Kaliya: *throws himself at Feist, bites him but does not inject venom... yet*

(Did you hear the song I picked out for Volpa?)

(Yes; it's okay.. since i'm still believing Volpa is based off me, i don't really see that suiting me.. I'd be using Xion's theme from KH's 358/2 Days... You should listen and tell me what you think about it; i reckon it's an amazing theme.)

Feist: RAAAAAAARGH! (he claws at Kaliya, dragging his claws deep and down into his skin, tearing out bits of his cold blooded flesh)

(Ah. Well, I liked the song and I'd sometimes think of you when I'd hear the song. It's a New Age/peyote music song, but a beautiful one at that; and I'll look up your aforementioned theme.)

Kaliya: *injects venom; not enough to kill, but enough to drive Feist mad*

Feist: (grabs his tail, swinging him hard into a nearby tree before vanishing)

Kaliya: *recovers from the shock* Blitz! Where are you?!

Blitz: (moans, a small river of blood trickling out towards him) K-kaliya...

Kaliya: *rushes to her, checks for her wounds*

Blitz: (holds her arms up weakly, one of them torn to the bone, bleeding heavily)

Kaliya: *puts some medication on a bandage and slowly and carefully wraps up her wound, taking care not to hurt her*

Blitz: (looks at him, struggling to fight back her tears) I'm sorry i wandered off Kaliya... i'm sorry...

Kaliya: I forgive you... just please remember to stay close next time...

(BRB Shower)


(GTG Now; G'night!)

(Aw... night Eric....)


(weba ^-^)

(Thanks :) )

(^-^ shall we continue?)

(Sure :) )

(Did you listen to Xion's theme? i have two more songs i want you to look up...)

Lust: B-brahm... it h-hurts....

(I have not yet, but I shall; just tell me the names of the songs and I'll listen to them, as I have YouTube on standby. Also, weren't we with Blitz and Kaliya?)

(>.> ... <.<... *pokes your cheek lightly* SSSSSSSSSSSSSSH! That's what i Saaaaaaaaaaaaid! -shot- lolfail, yes we were X3)

(XDDD I'll just say Kaliya and we'll go from there like nothing happened)

Kaliya: I put some natural painkillers in this... they'll help...

Lust: Oh thank you Brahm -shot dead-

(okay, back to reality)

Blitz: Oh thank you Kaliya.... (moans lightly)


Kaliya: Welcome: I owe you my life, and I love you...

Blitz: I love you too Kaliya...

Kaliya: *kisses her good hand*

Blitz: (blushes, smiling) oh Kaliya...

Kaliya: *smiles*

Blitz: (blushes more)

Kaliya: *hugs her*

Blitz: (hugs back, kissing his cheek) Oh Kaliya...

Kaliya: *kisses her on the lips*

Blitz: (blushes, kissing back sheepishly, she puts her arms around him)

Kaliya: *puts his arms around her*

(I almost forgot; tomorrow is my LAST DAY OF SCHOOL! :D )

(tomorrow is the weekend for me >>;;)

Blitz: (begins to kiss him more passionately, before a small portal appears behind her, and a hand reachs out, grabbing her and pulling her quickly into it) !!! KALIYA!!

Kaliya: *follows her in*

Another head in with FeistEdit

Feist: (chuckles down at Kaliya) you're in MY world now.. cobra... and i have her once again in my clutches..

Blitz: (struggling to break free from the lack ropes she's tied up with)

Kaliya: *bares his fangs, dripping black venom* If I die, so be it... but I will be damned if I am to see her suffer at your hands, you filthy jackal's brat...

Feist: Uh uh uh... in this world, i can control what you can and cant do. (the venom he is creating seems to slow and then slowly stop. He grins widely)

Kaliya: Go ahead then... if you can do whatever you want, kill me; I dare you... *the shine in his eyes disappears, looks very firm*

Feist: (creates a small knife before him, a large see through wall seperating the two) i think i'll make you kill yourself... (he unties Blitz, growing a large claw finger. He cuts the straps to her singlet dress, slowly pulling it down)

Blitz: (struggles, crying)

Kaliya: You coward... don't even have the balls to kill me personally; no wonder Naugus defeated you all those years ago... *plants the knife in the ground, grins as the blackness returns to his scales*

Feist: Naugus didn't defeat me; he merely pushed my powers down.. (he leans his face down to Blitz's chest, licking it)

Blitz: (crying heavily) no... please.. stop...

Kaliya: I can tell you're a coward... you don't want to come down and fight me, as you'd rather just sit up there where it's safe instead of dirtying your hands, pansy... if you were truly worthy of ruling this place, you'd fight me, but I guess you aren't... even the jackal who hides behind the mighty tiger has more courage to fight in a battle than you...

Feist: No, i'm just smarter than you. I know you're saying this to anger me and get me away from the thing that's truely hurting you... (he tears the rest of Blitz's clothing from her body, glazing his hands across it) You just want to get me away from Blitz... Because you don't want my filthy mongrel hands dirtying your precious little clear blue diamond...

Blitz: (sobbing) please....

Kaliya: Well, I suppose we could just sit here and stare at each other until one of us drops, but I do know this. *rips out one of his fangs as tar pours from the socket*

Blitz: KALIYA NO!!!

Feist: (grins at him) finally hurting yourself....

Kaliya: Wrong... there is only one person who is in control of miasma, and it is me... no matter what you do, you can not get rid of this, and it is my ultimate weapon... *the miasma pools around him as he begins writhing in it*

Feist: (tries to control him, fails, growling in right anger) WHY CAN'T I CONTROL YOU?!?!?!?!

Blitz: (looks on, shocked and amazed)

Kaliya: I told you; only I can control this miasma... and with it... I'm invincible. *it forms around him, making him into a gigantic cobra, he strikes his head through the wall, shattering it*

Feist: !! (showered with glass)

Blitz: (showered too)

Kaliya: *reaches out and grabs Blitz before she is hurt, and protects her in a solid bubble that sinks into his body* Now, just before I take Blitz to safety, time to teach you a lesson in manners... *slaps Feist, leaving a burn scar from the miasma on his face*

Feist: (screams in agony, clawing out at Kaliya)

Kaliya: *merely shields himself anc slaps again, and then escapes through a portal he makes by clawing at thin air and jumping through a rip made by it*

Blitz: (running around in the bubble, trying to escape) Kaliya.. Kaliya i feel like a hamster...

Kaliya: *still giant, punctures a hole in the bubble and pops it. The miasma all goes back into his fang socket and he pops his fang back in, which repairs itself as he returns to his blue appearance and drops out of exhaustion*

(BRB Shower)



(I have some bad news; we've waited too long, so now I must go to bed; see you after your weekend, Lily :( *hugs*)

(*hugs back* i have worse news... i won't be able to talk to you until Wednesday, which is your Tuesday... Because i have the weekend, then work experience on Monday, and then the Sports Carnival on Tuesday.. I'll see you when i see you... Bye Eric... *hugs tighter*)

(Eric, are you there?)

(Sorry, Lily. I've been having lag problems, but I'm here now! ^^;)

(*hugs you* it's alright Eric, i understand.I'd like it if you read my story, told me what you think ^^)

Blitz: Kaliya! (she runs over, catching him in her arms before he falls to the ground) Kaliya, wake up!

(I finished reading Cujo... D;> TAD DIED!!! i cried so much when Tad died i was like NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO NOOOOOOOOOO HE CAN'T BE DEAD NOOOOOO! *cries again* i loved Tad... ;m;)


Kaliya: *awakens* Oh, Blitz... that form I took on... I don't have the strength to do that a whole lot...

Blitz: (crying) you're not gonna die are you...? (her tears fall down onto his cheeks as she looks at him)

(and i named Brahm and Lust's youngest son Tad (Tadder) after that Tad :,D)

(Ah. Also, two things; first off, your story is good. Second off, I drew a picture of a dog I'd like to get: [7] )

Kaliya: I'm not going to die... but I might if I keep using that form...

(daaaaaw it's cute :3 i gotta show you teh pic of teh puppeh i wanna get when i can afford it )

Blitz: (kisses him crying, begging) then don't use it again!


Feist: (chuckles) and now i know your end Kaliya.... (vanishes)

Kaliya: *shudders, groans a little* I think your father just heard me... damn it all...

(Awww... x3)

Blitz: I WON'T LET YOU TOUCH HIM!!! (she screamed out at no one in particular, more or less at the world than just her father. Pulling him closer, her tears left as she protectively howled a loud screech into the night sky, growling heavily as her eyes glowed red)

(needle, do me a favour? Can you tell Sniper that i've replied on our roleplays please?)


Kaliya: Oh, Blitz... *coughs*

(I may have forgotten to mention, she has a small, deceased case of Rabies, that sometimes takes control of her. >>;; as applied just in said scenario..)

Blitz: (shakes out of her howling frenzy and goes back to crying, hugging Kaliya)


Kaliya: *kisses her, a small tear streams down his face*

(I had an idea for a TP)


(3: My idea was for basically just the adventures of a Black and Tan Coonhound puppy and a St. Bernard puppy; it was just a random idea I had)

(;w; i love that idea.... LET'S DO IT!! (glomps Needle giggling) :D)

(XD I'll make da page)


(Needle, i'm makin a pairing pic of Blitz x Kaliya, you wanna see my progress?)


Blitz: (hugs him again) i'm sorry Kaliya...
Sonic couple base gottca by tearsofapril-d2ydhjc

Project BlitzxKaliya (Has a fair while to go, base made, credit will be given)

(Pretty good! I never envisioned Kaliya with a Sonic-like face, but I'm eager to see the final product.)

Kaliya: You're okay... *gets up slowly*

Back with Brahm and Lust...Edit

Lust: (kissing Kala's ((i think that was her name...)) forehead as she gets her shots taken)

(Did you here? Australia's got it's own rabies now. The lisa virus, and it's so far killed 3 people... SINCE IT WAS DISCOVERED IN 1996 XD IT'S AS OLD AS ME AND IT'S ONLY KILLED THREE PEOPLE!!!! SLOW PROGRESS MUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCH?! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA FAAAAAAAAAAAAIL!!!!!)

(I was a 1996-er. And I never heard of the Lisa virus. We got West Nile virus.)

Brahm: *standing by*

Kala: (crying) i dont want my shots!

Lust: if you don't get them you'll contract rabies or the lisa virus. And you'll die.

Kala: (cries louder) I DON'T WANNA DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lust: -.-;; That didn't work...

Brahm: Kala, you have to get these shots; we all have to do things we don't want to in life, but it's best that we do them. And don't worry; it will be quick.

(I swear, I hated needles as a kid; kind of ironic that I'm Needlemouse XD)

(Lolno, you're Duck -shotdead- ah, i remember that, i'm calling you Duck again now X3)

Kala: (cries)

Lust: Might as well say it now whilst we're dishing crap out; Brahm, i'm possibly pregnant again.

(:3 Duck... such a nostalgic name.)

Brahm: How many do you think we'll have? *eager*

Lust: I'm feeling... thirteen. (she rubs her stomach)

Brahm: Ooh, well I'd better start hunting some bigger game; maybe buffalo.


(XDDD Remember "Lilynotbeinghereitis"?)

(lol yes, you still get that? i get a new virus; "NotbeingabletospeakwithDuckrus" -shotdead-)

(XDDD Well, during that time when you were banned, my anger prevented it... but it seems now it's returning)

(You miss me again? aaww, that's so sweet of you Eric... (hugs you) I always missed you Eric, you made me look at the world differently... <3 thank you)

Lust: Yes...

(*hugs back* Welcome... :))

Brahm: Well, I shall once the children are born...

(The birthing situation depends on the organism the mother is; if she's a reptile or a bird, (or even a monotreme), then she lays eggs; if it's a mammal or the like, it's birthed in the normal way)

(She gave birth to three bats, the rest Naga's the last time. I'm thinking mostly bats this time. *hugs you again* oh Eric... have you got my email? My school email?)

(No, but I'd prefer to not do email; my mother prefers I don't email people.)

(I just wanted to say one thing to you privately so no one else sees, that's all...)

(Oh... Well, I would say take it to chat, but you can't get on it... Is it something big? *gulps*)

(Sort of... it's more or less personal...)

(Please tell me it's not about a terminal illness... you once said you had a small cancer...)

(No no no! My Father MIGHT have cancer ^^;; It's about something else....)

Lust: that's good darling, but they might be bats... So i might have to gather fruit and birds for them to eat..


Brahm: Okay. I can do that.


Lust: (moans) Brahm darling... i'm hungry...

Brahm: What would you like, my sweet?

Lust: Peaches... my favourite peaches...

Brahm: Peaches it is then. *leaves and returns with peaches*

Lust: (takes one, eating it quickly)

Brahm: Do they taste good?

Lust: yes... mm.. (juice trickles down her cheeks down to her chin)

Brahm: *wipes it off with his finger*

Lust: (smiles, moaning as she sucks on his fingers)

Brahm: That feels a little weird... but good at the same time. I wonder why?

Lust: (giggles, whispering in his ear, she then sits back with lowered eyes, blowing him a seductive kiss)

Brahm: *catches it, makes himself look stupid*

Lust: (giggles, jumping into his arms and kissing him)

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Brahm: *nearly falls over, but maintains his posture, and kisses back*

Lust: (smiles, kissing him back harder) i love you Brahm <3

Brahm: I love you too, Lust... (:

Lust: (kisses him happily)

Brahm: *kisses back*

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The next night, a fight between the blood fueded families...Edit

Lust: *wakes, jogging outside* Few, nice cool morning, perfect for a jog...

-not far away-

Blitz: (sleeping in Kaliya's arms) mm...

(Thanks :) )

Kaliya: *arms wrapped around her, slowly waking up*

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Lust: (flies over them, looking at Kaliya) ! hey...

Kaliya: Oh... hello...

Lust: (lands, looking at him) long time no see Kaliya.. how you been? (places her hand on her hip, waving at him with the other) i see you're still bordering Brahms land... Still want to fight him i assume..

Kaliya: I still carry within me my father's feud with his father, Rama...

Lust: Kaliya.. what's happend to you? you look... different? (she flies over, hugging him briefly)

Kaliya: I've shed the skin of my old life... and you'd better be careful about hugging me; if Brahm sees this, he will be positively enraged.

Lust: Kaliya, if he knew we spent as much time as we do together hunting he have a true power fit on you. By the way, you still coming this saturday? i'm looking for that white deer i heard of, i wanna sink my fangs into that hide... (licks her lips grinning)

Kaliya: We'll hunt it, but I think you need to discuss us two with Brahm; it will be better than if he finds out about it first and tries to kill me...

Lust: Kaliya, you're my only friend; i won't let him kill you... (takes his hand in hers)

(bring Brahm in... oh my GOD bring Brahm in.. >:D)

(You want to see the fight that ensues? :S)

(i made the title the title it is for a reason, but it won't be a fight to the death; Lust and Blitz are gonna jump in and stop it.)


Brahm: Well, Lust, I was going out to hunt- *sees her with Kaliya, he hisses in rage* How... could... you... do... this... to... me?!...

Lust: ! Brahm darling, it's not what it looks like. (flies over to him, looking into his eyes)

Blitz: (hears Brahm's hiss, wakes crying)

  • Brahm and Kaliya begin wrestling each other; while no bites have happened, they are snapping their jaws at each other, and both are equally as angry*

Lust: Goddamit Brahm! Get off him now!

Blitz: (sees Kaliya fighting Brahm, begins to cry louder)

  • they stop fighting, and they seem to be frozen in mid-wrestle, both looking at Blitz and Lust*

Blitz: (growls, foaming from the mouth, she jumps and latches onto Lust)

Lust: ! *cries as Blitz bites down onto her neck, tries to push her off*

Blitz: *continues snapping and bitting at her, foam flying onto her*

Lust: *bleeding from her neck crying as she wrestles Blitz back*

Brahm & Kaliya: *they both try to break up the fight themselves, for they would rather themselves die than their lovers*

Lust: (struggles free, scrambling into Brahm's arms, bleeding and crying)

Blitz: (struggles in Kaliya's arms, crying as she returns to normal)

Lust: Crazy bitch... nearly killed me!

Brahm: *trying to tend to her wounds*

Kaliya: I'm sorry, Blitz... he flung himself at me and I had to fight back or there'd be nothing left of me to save...

Blitz: (claws at Brahm angrily) DON'T YOU TOUCH MY SOULMATE!!!!!

Lust: Brahm, Kaliya's changed. I've been hunting with him every weekend, i had to do it in private because if you knew you'd try to kill him..

Blitz: (cries, screaming at Brahm) I'LL KILL YOU!!! I WON'T LET YOU HURT HIM!!!! (she falls down weakly crying as she limply hisses and claws at Brahm) i won't let you hurt him...

Brahm: *shifts his coils back* It'll take time before I can trust him... the same goes for Indra and Karait...

Kaliya: Blitz, it is done... *picks her up gently*

Lust: No offence, but your brothers mean nothing to me Brahm. Particularly Indra after the Adlevice inciddent. (flies off slowly)

Blitz: (cries back to sleep in his arms)

Brahm: *follows behind Lust*

Kaliya: *coils around Blitz*

Lust: (gets home, allows the older males to tend to her wound)

Brahm: *slithers into their room, coils up with his coils above his head*

Lust: (grumbles) Brahm, you just had to mention your brothers didn't you.. (she rubs her head, groaning)

Brahm: *doesn't respond, not moving at all*

(He's not dead or attempting suicide; he's shut himself up because he believes that he is a menace.)

Lust: Brahm, don't ignore me. (she turns around angrily, noticing what he's doing) Brahm... *sigh* you know i hate it when you do that.... You've done nothing wrong... (walks over sitting on his coils, hugging him weakly, kissing his skin softly)

Brahm: *shifts his head so she can see his eyes, there is regret and shame in them*

Lust: Brahm darling... (she slides her hands in through his coils, rubbing his cheeks) Don't look at me like that... you're making me sad...

Brahm: *brings his head up so he is level to hers* I'm sorry... I just thought that you were with Kaliya because you were bored with me... and I acted without thinking...

Lust: Brahm my love... i could never be bored with you... I couldn't care less whether we make love every night or if you haven't got the time to tell me you love me, no matter whether these tiny little things don't happen; you're always there when i really need you. That's all i could ask of you Brahm.. (she hugs him, crying a bit)

Brahm: *hugs back, curling his tail around her gently, and a small tear drips down his face*

Lust: You need rest my love... (she wipes his tears) sleep.. now..

Brahm: *slowly lowers his head, and begins to drift to sleep*

Lust: (lets his head rest in her lap, singing to him softly)

Brahm: *smiles pleasantly as she does, breathes softly*

Lust:(kisses his forehead)

Brahm: *tries kissing her in his sleep, winds up kissing her belly*

Lust: (giggles)

Brahm: *smiles, sleeping soundly*