Welcome to my Wiki, I hope you enjoy your timeEdit

Welcome to my wiki, I hope you like what I have up for show, just a few notes;

  • Please do not edit anything without my permission, this is my wiki, and every character/story/scene etc on it belongs to me (with a few that are either share owned with another user, but you get the drift) failure to meet this shall result in a two hour blockage, before respectfully changing that to a then one day blockage, then so on.
  • Please do not add anything without my permission; again, this is my wiki, and it was built for the purpose of *my* characters, if you wish to add something, you must ask my permission first.
  • Do not harrass others, or put pointless, harrassing comments on user pages or my character pages. It is not appreciated if it is not constructive criticism. There is a thin line and big difference between constructive criticism and pointless harrassment for the sake of making others feel bad about themselves, and it will not be tolerated here at all.
  • If you wish to have Chatmod/Adminship, again, ask nicely, and it may go ahead, I already have heaps of mins and mods helping me so, but more help is always appreciated.
  • Last but not least, enjoy yourself, enjoy the wiki and enjoy my pages~!

I Introduce you to the wiki's themeEdit

Ib - Bad Apple (Music Box)

Ib - Bad Apple (Music Box)

Ib - Bad Apple

The Black Death GlitchEdit

This wiki is just a port harbour for all my character's pages, so i can keep a track of them all.

Latest activityEdit

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