Cyan blue, Jade green, bloodred dress Snipes

Agent Fantasia Cree (artwork under construction)

Fantasia "Snipes" is a Seventeen year old Female Sniper who works alongside Knuckles "Huntress" and Audrey "Audio" Aissur.


Full Name: Fantasia "Snipes" Cree

Title: Sniper of the

Job/Occupation: Highly Skilled and Trained Sniper

Other Names: Snipes, Cree, Fantasy.

Age: Seventeen

Gender: Female

Species: Wolf

Family: Unknown (although she calls Huntress and Audio her sisters)

Romantic Interest: Supposedly married to Goldeneye the German Shepherd

Fur/Muzzle Colour: Hair is Blonde, all fur is a slightly off brown greyish colour and her muzzle, inner ear and tail tip are a cream colour.

Eye Colour: TBD

Homeworld: Living with Esmose and her Team



Snipes is as fiesty as wolves can get; bite at her, and you'll get bitten back ten times as hard. She has a ferocious glare, and can leave you feeling burnt or scarred for a large amount of time if you try to go against her. Although this may be so, she also has a drawing charm to her; with the use of reverse pyschology, she only draws her enemies to her to defeat them at close hand if she cannot reach from a particular distance.






Benny Benassi- Satisfaction


"You know how they say 'I don't bite'? Well I do."

One of her many cocky greetings.

"I don't play rough; I'll just nip at you until you nip back."

Jeering sentance she uses to get her enemy to walk into her aiming range.



  • Snipes is my second Wolf out of all my characters, next to Esmose.
  • Fantasia's nickname "Snipes" is a hint to her being the Sniper of her Team.